Desert Safari Dubai

Enjoy Your Dubai Desert Safari Through The Desert With Dinner And Entertainment Show


If there is an essential activity in Dubai, it is Dubai desert safari, so if you want your trip to be highly exciting, you have to book a night to do this activity in the desert of Dubai.


What does Dubai desert safari consist of?


After picking up the hotel where you are staying, the tour company will head to the desert. Once you are there, the drivers of the tour company will display their great skills when they will drive you on the huge sand dunes, making a ride of more or less 45 minutes which will surely turn out to be a thrilling experience for all the passengers sitting in the vehicle.


Before heading to the camp, you will have a stop to watch the sunset. The changes in the color of the sand and shadows of the dunes will make this moment truly and exceptionally a magical moment for the beholders.


Once you are in the camp of Dubai desert safari, you will have the option of camel riding, try shisha, dress in the traditional Arabic costumes, get a tattoo with henna or just sit and enjoy the starry desert sky. All these activities are included in your package.


The dinner will be a barbecue under the stars where you can try different types of meat, snacks, salads and sweets typical of the Arab region. The end point is marked by the different shows, including the famous belly dance. After having the dinner and enjoying the show, you will head back to Dubai, finishing the tour in your hotel the next morning. Here I would warn you that the rides are not suitable for people with back problems or for the women who are expecting a baby.


Implant Points


  • If you are visiting during Ramadan, there will be no entertainment in the Dubai desert safari camp and no alcohol will be served at the dinner or even afterwards at all.
  • The language spoken in the Dubai desert safari tour is exclusively English.
  • The duration depends upon the package you have bought ranging from 6 hours to 2 days. The prices will also vary as per the package you have chosen of Dubai desert safari.


The following things will be included in your package;


  • Pick up and transfer back to the hotel
  • Rides by the dunes in 4X4 at high speed
  • BBQ dinner buffet
  • Go on a camel ride, try shisha and other activities
  • Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, including tea and coffee
  • Various shows, including belly dancing